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Valhalla Essence



We welcome you, dear player, and we are in a hurry to share the good news!

Our team continues to develop and improve our game worlds for our citizens. So, the opening of our GVE server has recently taken place. Each of our products is a separate universe, with its own economy, gameplay, features and citizens. Opening new game worlds, we do not stop developing and improving previously opened ones, it is thanks to this that our project has received great love and recognition from the gaming community of various geographical zones. Players from Russia and the CIS, Brazil and North America, China, Korea and Europe have been with us for many years! In continuation of the development of our project, we want to inform you about the imminent opening of another game world, which, as always, will be strikingly different from the projects existing in the game space with its fine thoughtfulness, gameplay, economy and battles.


On July 8, the Valhalla team, together with the Innadril team, launches a new Essence game world with x2 rates. This is a truly unprecedented project on which 2 large teams of professionals worked long and hard, laying a large piece of their warm heart


Each player who joins will be waiting for the starting surprise that we have prepared for you. This is a conceptually thought-out and well-developed bonus pack with the contents of which you can find below.




The bonuses and surprises don't stop there! Do you remember we developed a unique referral program that has proven itself well and is loved by our citizens? In the new world of Valhalla Essence, we have improved the referral program and are still ready to encourage citizens who invite their friends and acquaintances to our game world. And both will be encouraged! Below is a list of awards. It's just something!




Our citizens are well aware that any new project is opened taking into account the collected feedback from our citizens, which allows us to give maximum comfort from the game to everyone and without exception, and Valhalla Essence is no exception!


Primarily Valhalla Esence - this is improved mechanics and the most comfortable playing conditions. Here, the gameplay is so improved and simplified that, for example, you can easily launch auto-hunting for Essence from one window, and take part in epic battles on Remastered from the other. Valhalla Esence is a lot of nice additions that will allow you to really enjoy and relax the gameplay.


One particular annoyance for MMORPG players is the late start problem. Agree, the process of "catching up" rivals in the game is such an pursuit. And we solved this problem by implementing a unique "late start" system. On Valhalla Essence, joining the game at a later stage - you will not feel any discomfort, and rivalry even at x2 rates will be absolutely achievable for you, because we have developed a unique mechanism for dynamic rates and special catch-up sets that will allow you to accelerate the development of your character on any game stages.


What about class balance? Agree, how difficult is it when you cannot feel like a full-fledged citizen, when the possibilities of the class you have chosen are limited or inferior to the class of your opponent? And that's all! This problem doesn't exist on Valhalla Essence at all! Now you can safely choose any class you like and feel like a full-fledged and competitive citizen, and these are not empty words, come and check it out!


Our game projects have always been distinguished by a concept thought out to the smallest detail, we have always done and are doing everything to ensure that our citizen not only enjoys spending time in the game, but also so that this enjoyment stretches as much as possible for many years. Thanks to this approach, our projects are durable and do not lose interest in the game. Valhalla Essence is no exception to the rule! Here we have developed a unique concept of a staged game, where the game content will be filled gradually and evenly as the server develops, the developed concept will not allow forcing game events and will ensure the long-term interest of our citizens in the project.


A fair distribution of loot among the citizens of the world of Valhalla Essence is another trump card that will contribute to the competent construction of society in the game. The improved Dragon kill points or DKP system will allow a completely fair distribution of points for killing bosses among citizens, which can later be exchanged for valuable items. Our system is built in such a way that it excludes the predominance of one over the other, and that's great!


Most likely, you are worried about another important question. What about a donation? In the gaming community, it is generally accepted that Essence projects are a colossus for collecting money, and that donation decides on such servers and nothing more. We went a completely different way, destroying all stereotypes! A deeply thought-out donation system is implemented on Valhalla Essence in such a way that we guarantee that any citizen will be able to progress and develop his character as comfortably as possible, regardless of whether he made a donation, in addition, we made it possible to take L-Coins by hunting monsters. Therefore, the development and power of your character is only in your hands, no one and nothing can prevent this!


Valhalla Essence is already waiting for thousands and thousands of players from all over the world! Yes Yes! Do not be surprised! A large-scale advertising campaign and many of invited clans - all this is in our repertoire! Over the years of work of our team, we have gathered the most stable and active gaming audience. Thanks to this, the atmosphere in the game will not let you get bored and guarantees exciting adventures and battles at any time of the day. Moreover, we have implemented a system of fixed respawning of bosses, which will allow you to plan the time of epic battles in advance and the opportunity to take a direct part in the battle for the secret!


This is only a small part of what we can now tell you, dear friend. Well, can't wait to play? We understand! Already now you can join and become a citizen on Valhalla Essence by registering a master account. Also, don't forget to join our community of players and stay tuned, because very soon we will tell you more about Valhalla Essence and announce the date of open beta testing. See you!

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