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Season Pass


Season Pass is a new system for accumulating points and receiving rewards.
The accumulated points and the remaining time of Sayha's Grace sustention are available to all characters on the account within the same server. Therefore, you can get rewards and use them with any of the characters on your account. The accumulated points and the remaining time of Sayha's Grace sustention are available only for Accounts with PA Status.


  • The hunting counter increases as you gain experience for killing monsters.
    • Points will not increase if you kill monsters 10 or more levels below the character.
    • Points can be obtained in interserver zones, but you can only collect the reward on the home server.
    • When hunting in a party, only the character who directly deals damage to monsters will receive points.
  • During the month, kill a certain number of monsters to complete the pass missions:
For killing normal monsters For killing monsters in sessions zones Amount of points for receiving rewards Maximum points
1 points 2 points 3 000 450 000
  • The season lasts about a month. At the end of the season, all information on the past period is reset — all unclaimed rewards and the remaining time of Sayha's Grace are reset, it will be impossible to get them.
  • A new season starts every month, the rewards of which may differ from the previous pass.
  • There are several ways to track the progress of a hunting pass:
    • the maximum and current number of points is indicated in the upper-left corner of the pass window;
    • in each 'plate' of the mission, you can see a green bar — a progress indicator, the more it is filled, the more monsters are killed in this mission;
    • when you hover the cursor over the green bar, a tooltip appears with a counter of killed monsters, for example, 52/3000.
  • Characters who are not in 1500 range between themselves when hunting in party, will not receive Hunting Points.
Hunting Pass Status
(in the upper-left corner of the interface)
Progress Bar
(in progress)
Progress Bar
(maximum points)
Progress Bar
(reward received)


  • 752883fc3374ef894499b92a50c4aea9.png As a reward, you can get points for maintaining Sayha's Grace, each hunting point is equal to 1 minute of maintaining Grace.
  • The accumulated sustention time can be turned on or off at your discretion. To do this, click on the [ON/OFF] button in the upper-right part of the season pass UI.
  • The Grace sustention effect can be activated if at least 35,000 points are scored (25% of the SG bar).
  • The Grace sustention effect cannot be activated in interserver (world) zones. We advise you to do this before entering the world zones!
  • 0b79f6ee690e5d99415fc3c27b540897.png When the Grace sustention effect is turned on, the remaining time starts counting down, while Sayha's Grace is not consumed during hunting.
  • The Grace sustention effect is automatically disabled when a character dies or exits the game.
  • At the end of the season, the unspent time will be lost.
  • Known issue: some users may encounter the problem that the Grace sustention effect of the Season Pass does not work. If your character is among them, please re-enter the game after disabling the effect (click the OFF button). This is a workaround until we receive a fix from the developers.


  • Rewards are awarded depending on the counter level received during the game. If there are several rewards available, you need to receive them one by one, starting from the very first one.
  • ef82ba151a769d3b3e16f84e74063978.png To get the rewards available at the current counter level, click the Receive All Rewards button. Please note that it will be impossible to get a reward if there is not enough space in the inventory.
  • When receiving a reward in the form of the Grace sustention effect, no items are given, while the increase in the Grace sustention effect is immediately displayed in the upper right corner of the Season Pass UI.


  • In addition to normal rewards, you can activate additional season pass rewards. 
  • You can buy it once per account per season.
  • The activation cost is 4000 L-Coins.
  • You can purchase an additional paid reward even at the end of the season, this will allow you to collect previous rewards if you have fulfilled the condition for scoring points.

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