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New PK System



We've analyzed situation with PKs in Essence chronicle, and as an answer to this, we've implemented a new PK System, which represents a balance between receiving a penalty for dying while being PK, but at the same time penalty is not severe enough to break Essence chronicle gameplay.


  • The penalty rules for PvP/PK have been changed: now there is a chance to lose your items after character's death in PvP/PK.
  • The minimum reputation value for chaotic characters is -36,000.
  • The probability of losing items as penalty and the amount of items lost depend on the character's reputation at the time of death.
  • Due to the changes in the penalty system the Einhasad Overseeing effect has been replaced with an option to see the penalty level, the stat decrease effect has been deleted:
Penalty stages Reputation after killing Number and chance of dropping items Einhasad Overseeing
1 -1 to -18,000 1-2 pcs, moderate chance Lv. 1
2 -18,001 to -27,000 1-3 pcs., slightly increased chance Lv. 2
3 -27,001 to -30,240 1-3 pcs., high chance Lv. 3
4 -30,241 to -33,840 1-3 pcs., very high chance Lv. 4
5 -33,841 to -36,000 1-3 pcs., very high chance Lv. 5




  • All items that a character may equip (weapons, armor, accessories) can be lost to the penalty; the penalty does not apply to some special and event items as well as limited time items.
  • Items that were lost due to the penalty are moved to a special inventory Lost Items, and they can be used again after paying the fee.
  • To see the list of Lost Items, click the Item recovery notification icon in the notification menu in the bottom right corner of the screen or open the main Item recovery menu (Alt+X); the notification doesn't disappear until there are no items in the special inventory.
  • The special inventory may contain up to 50 items, if the character loses more items, however, the items there were added to the inventory first will be deleted forever.
  • The lost items can be returned after paying the fee in adena or L-Coins, the more lost items there are, the higher the fee.
  • If there is more than one item in the special inventory, the fee is bigger.

When paying the item restoration fee (which is composed by L-Coins + Adena), part of it is sent to the character that defeated the penalized character in PvP by mail.

  • The L-Coin + Adena fee size is determined by the items enchant value.
  • The higher the enchant value, the bigger the fee.
  • The higher the grade (No-Grade to A-Grade), the bigger the fee.
  • Whether an item is sealed or not doesn't affect the price.
  • If the character was killed by a servitor or a pet, the owner will also receive a part of the fee.
  • A new animation of losing items due to the penalty has been added.
  • An item that looks exactly like the lost one drops to the ground and a pillar of light appears, the color of light depends on the item type.
  • The dropped item cannot be picked up using the /pickup command and it will automatically disappear in 10 sec.:
Item type Pillar of light color
Weapon Gold
Armor Green
Accessories Purple


Weapon (Gold)
Armor (Green)
Accessories (Purple)


Character's death has a unique animation.


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