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Legendary Boss - Overseer of the Fortress


Dear players!

Added a new Legendary Boss - Overseer of the Fortress.




  • Name: Overseer of the Fortress
  • Level: 80
  • Location: Western Fortress
  • When dealing damage to a boss, the character is flagged.



  • 20% chance that one of the jewelry will drop:
    • Accessory_ring_of_core_i00_0.jpg Ring of Core
    • Accessory_earring_of_orfen_i00_0.jpg Earring of Orfen
    • Accessory_ring_of_queen_ant_i00_0.jpg Queen Ant's Ring
  • Weapons and equipment A-Grade:
    * The list will be changed with the transition to new chapters.
    • Weapon tallum blade i00 0.jpg Tallum Blade
    • Weapon elemental sword i00 0.jpg Elemental Sword
    • Weapon inferno master i00 0.jpg Infernal Master
    • Weapon dragon grinder i00 0.jpg Dragon Grinder
    • Weapon blood tornado i00 0.jpg Blood Tornado
    • Weapon dual sword i00 0.jpg Keshanberk*Damascus
    • Weapon dual sword i00 0.jpg Damascus*Damascus
    • Weapon dual sword i00 0.jpg Damascus * Tallum Blade
    • Weapon carnium bow i00 0.jpg Carnage Bow
    • Weapon bloody orchid i00 0.jpg Bloody Orchid
    • Weapon dasparions staff i00 0.jpg Dasparion's Staff
    • Weapon eye of soul i00 0.jpg Spiritual Eye
    • Weapon meteor shower i00 0.jpg Meteor Shower
    • Weapon halbard i00 0.jpg Halberd
    • Armor t74 g i02 0.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Gloves
    • Armor t77 g i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Gloves
    • Armor helmet i02 0.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Helmet
    • Armor helmet i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Helmet
    • Armor t76 ul i02 0.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Robe
    • Armor t79 u i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Tunic
    • Armor t79 l i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Stockings
    • Armor t75 u i02 0.jpg Sealed Dark Crystal Leather Armor
    • Armor t78 ul i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Leather Armor
    • Armor t77 ul i02 0.jpg Sealed Tallum Plate Armor


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