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Party Finder System



The game has a convenient system for finding and gathering a group - Party Matching. With its help, you can, for example, gather a group in RB, find a group for fun, or get together for a swing in Kata.


The Group Finder can be opened in several ways:

  • Press the Party button in the info window, at the bottom of the screen:


  • Use the Party Matching action in the action window:


  • Select the Party item in the General Menu:


  • Using the command in the game chat /partymatching.
  • Keep the search icon on the screen and then other players will be able to invite you to the group:




1 - Lv. - Selecting the level range of characters in the group rooms.
All - all existing rooms are displayed.
My Level Range - Rooms are displayed that include your character's level.
2 - Refresh - Refresh the list of group rooms.
3 - No - Group room number.
4 - Title - Name of the group room.
5 - Leader - Group leader's nickname.
6 - Lv Limit - Character level range. If your level is outside this range, you will not be able to join the room.
7 - Party - Current number of room members / maximum number of room members.
8 - Previous - Go to the previous page in the list of group rooms.
9 - Next - Go to the next page in the list of group rooms.
10 - Waiting List - Open a list of characters who are looking for a group.
11 - Create Room - Create a group member search room, available only to the group leader or a player without a group.
12 - Auto Join - Automatic selection of group search option.
Items 13-16 are a selection of search options:
13 - Min. - Minimum character level.
14 - Max. - Max character level.
15 - Role - Character profession category.
Categories available: KnightWarriorRogueArcherWizardSummonerEnchanterHealerAdventurerAll
16 - Name - Nickname of the character.
17 - Initialize - Reset the set search parameters in paragraphs 13-16.
18 - Search - Find characters by the search parameters set in paragraphs 13-16.
19 - Name - Nickname of the character.
20 - Role - Character class.
21 - Lv. - Character level.
22 - Previous - Go to the previous page in the list of characters.
23 - Next - Go to the next page in the list of characters.
24 - Whisper - Send a private message to a character selected from the list.
25 - Rm. Invite - Invite a character selected from the list to the party room.
26 - Refresh - Update the list of characters waiting to join the party.
27 - Close - Close the list of characters waiting to join the group.

To create a group room, click the Create Room button.

Set the group search parameters:

  • Title - Description of the group.
  • Max. members - The maximum number of characters in a party room.
  • Lv Limit - Character level range.

After pressing the OK button, the party room window will open, and a yellow inscription "Loking for Party" will appear above the name of the character:


  • At the bottom is the group room chat window, the chat is available to everyone in the group room.
  • Room Info - Change group room settings.
  • Kick - Kick the character out of the party room.
  • Invite - Invite a character to the group.
  • Warning List - Open a list of characters waiting to join a party.
  • Exit - Leave the group room. If the leader leaves the group room, it will be closed.

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