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Achievement system




Especially for you, we have developed and implemented a unique system of achievements - Achievements. They diversify your daily gaming routine and fill them with new meaning, they are a reason for pride, and they also give special titles and awards.
The list of achievements will be updated as implementation progresses. More than 200 different achievements have already been prepared.

To use the system, click on the star button, which is located next to the character's nickname:

1 - Achievement type

2 - Achievements completed

3 - Progress

4 - Getting a reward

5 - Setting the title



  • Disposable. For example, reaching a certain level.
  • Repeatable. For example, stay in the game for 1 hour of real time.


  • Certain. Most often in one-time achievements.
  • Random. Most often in repeatable achievements.
  • Guaranteed. Unique color title.

Achievement rewards have been chosen to promote the development of your characters. The list of awards will not be published on the forum.

Achievements are new in-game content and we want players to explore them on their own, including rewards. In the future, when updating the achievement system, we also do not plan to publish rewards, and some achievements will be hidden in the interface until they are obtained in the course of certain actions.


When a character receives an achievement, in the lower right corner of the screen, a gift icon appears above the menu, in addition, the corresponding message will be displayed in the chat:




The following achievements are currently available:
Etc_exp_point_i00_0.jpg LVL achievements

There are 6 achievements:

  • Forget you were a beginner: reach level 20
  • First Steps Completed: Reach Level 40
  • Challenged: Reach Level 52
  • True Adventure: Reach Level 61
  • A surge of new strength: reach level 76
  • Time of exploits: reach level 80

You can receive a reward upon reaching the required level or later.
Etc_quest_subclass_reward_i00_0.jpg Subjob achievements

There are 4 achievements:

  • Rehash: get the first sub class
  • Billy Milligan: get a second sub class
  • Perfectionism: get the third sub class
  • Noble: Get Nobless status

You can receive a reward immediately after taking a sub class or later.
Skill1443_0.jpg PvP & PK achievements
There are 29 achievements:
 Victories in battle counted in the player's pvp count are taken into account.

  • Fighter: get 10 pvp
  • Fighter: get 50 pvp
  • Duelist: get 100 pvp
  • Warrior: get 250 pvp
  • Knight: get 500 pvp
  • Samurai: get 1000 pvp
  • Viking: get 2500 pvp
  • Ares: get 10,000 pvp

Victories in battle counted in the player's PC count are taken into account.

  • Executioner: fill 10 pc 
  • Killer: fill 25 pc
  • Crazy: fill 50 pc
  • Maniac: fill 100 pc
  • Ripper: stuff 250 pc 
  • Chikatilo: fill 500 pc 
  • Ted Bundy: get 1000 pc

Victories in battle counted in the player's pvp or PC account are taken into account.

  • Sparrow Cannon: Kill a player with a one-shot (deal a blow that will take away all CP and HP at a time; with a difference of no more than 20 levels)
  • Nerf this!: kill 3 players at the same time with one mass attack (with a difference of no more than 20 levels)
  • Death from Above: Kill any player while on a Wyvern
  • Revenge is served hot: Revenge the killing of a party member/fellow in less than 3 seconds


  • Cursed: Possess any cursed weapon: Zarich or Akamanach
  • Bounty Hunter: Kill 30 players while holding a Cursed Weapon
  • Exorcist: Kill a player with a cursed weapon
  • Wedge with a wedge: while with a cursed weapon, kill another player with a cursed weapon


  • On your feet, soldier!: Resurrect your party member/fellow in less than 2 seconds
  • First Aid: Revive a player for the first time
  • Ambulance: Revive 10 players
  • Mobile Hospital: Revive 100 players
  • Thaumaturge: Revive 500 players
  • Guardian Angel: Revive 1000 players


Special_cube_i00_0.jpg Online achievements

There are 3 achievements:

  • Not a nerd, but a gamer: stay in the game for 1 hour
  • 4 hours non-stop: stay in the game for 4 hours
  • Hikkikamori: stay in the game for 12 hours

Daily achievement. A new day starts at 6:30 am server time.
Scroll_of_verification_i00_0.jpg Olympiad achievements

There are 10 achievements:

  • Trial by combat: to play a match at the Olympics for the first time
  • The main thing is participation: lose a match at the Olympics
  • Lose streak (;-_-): lose 3 games in a row at the Olympics
  • Smell of Victory: Win a match at the Olympics
  • Timeout!: Play an Olympiad match that ends with a timeout
  • Silver Bearer: Take second place in the Olympics
  • Strong silver: having an equal number of points with the winner, lose by the number of victories/participations in the Olympiad
  • Hero: Get Hero status
  • Unbeatable: Get Hero status 3 times in a row
  • Living Legend: Get Hero status 6 times in a row

Daily and one-time achievements. A new day starts at 6:30 am server time.

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