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With the help of the Bestiary, you can find out what monsters live in a particular location, their detailed characteristics - HP, MP, XP, SP, etc., as well as a possible reward for killing them and spoil.
In addition, you can find the necessary monsters according to the specified parameters and find out from whom this or that item is dropped / spoiled.

To enter the Bestiary, open the General Menu and select the Bestiary item or use the special button in the quick access panel:



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  1. Initialize - Reset search options.
  2. Name - The name of the monster.
  3. Race - Monster race.
  4. Level - Monster level.
  5. Type - Monster type.
  6. Loot - Open a window to select an item.
  7. Drop - List of items to search for monsters with their drops.
  8. Spoil - List of items to search for monsters with their spoils.
  9. Reset selected locations.
  10. List of selected locations.
  11. Lv. (Ур.) - Monster level.
  12. Race - Monster race.
  13. Type - Monster type.
  14. Name - The name of the monster.
  15. Location - Location of the monster.
  16. XP - The amount of experience gained for killing a monster.
  17. SP - The amount of SP received for killing a monster.
  18. Drop - The chance and amount of the drop item specified in the search.
  19. Spoil - The chance and amount of a spoiled item specified in the search.
If you know the exact name (or part of the name) of the required monster, enter it in the Name field, a list of monsters with names that contain the entered text will appear in the window below:

In the Race item, you can select the race of the monster from the list, for example, it can be convenient for characters with the Turn Undead skill to search for undead of the required level.
In the Level item, you can select a range of monster levels. If you select My Level Range, monsters of level ±4 from yours will be found.

In the Type item, you can select the type of monsters, there are 4 types:

  • General - All normal monsters belong to this type.
  • Quest - This type includes monsters that are quest.
  • Special - This type usually includes epics and related monsters.
  • Raid - This type includes raid bosses and their minions.
Items can be added to the search in three ways:
  • From inventory.
  • From base.
  • From a drop/spoil patch.

Adding items from inventory

If there is an item in your inventory that you need to get information on, grab it with the left mouse button and drag it to the drop/spoil section in the Bestiary:


Adding items from the database

If you do not have the necessary item, you can find it in the database. To open it, press the button with the magnifying glass icon:


After pressing the button, a window for searching for items will appear:


Search options:

  • Name - If you know the exact name (or part of the name) of the required item, enter it in this field.
  • Grade - If the required item has a grade, select it.
  • Type - There are several types to choose from:
    • Equip - This type includes all equipment - weapons, armor, jewelry, etc.
    • Supplies - This type includes consumables - potions, nipples, sharpening, scrolls, etc.
    • Crafting - This type includes items needed for crafting - recipes, pieces, resources, etc.
    • Misc. - This type includes items that are not included in other types - keys, paints, stones, etc.
    • Quest - This type includes quest items.
After you have found the necessary item in the database:
  • To add to the Drop section, double-click on it with the left mouse button.
  • To add to the Spoil section, double-click on it with the left mouse button while holding down the SHIFT key.


Adding items from a drop/spoil patch

Items can also be added to the search from the drop/spoil information window. To do this, open information about the monster by clicking on the bag icon under the target window:


Then click on the bag icon:


In the window that appears, click on the desired item with the left mouse button while holding down the SHIFT key:



Changing items in the search
At any time, you can move an item from the Drop section to the Spoil section (and vice versa) by dragging the item with the left mouse button.
You can add up to three items to each section, however, please note that the search works on the "AND" principle, that is, it will search for monsters from which all the specified items drop/spoil at the same time.

For example, if you add 3 items to each section, the search may not return results:


Since the search was carried out for monsters from which Iron Ore AND Coal, AND Adamantite Nugget drop, AND at the same time Oriharukon Ore, AND Stone of Purity, AND Braided Hemp will also be spoiled. So often, when you don't need to drop the specified items at the same time, it's better to do multiple searches, specifying 1 item for a drop OR a spoil to get complete information. To clear sections from items, click the cross in the required section, you can also delete 1 item from the section by double-clicking the left mouse button on the item.

To display information about the monsters living in a particular location, you must first select a location. Open the map, find the desired location and move the mouse cursor over it so that a black box appears with information about the location and a note about the possibility of adding to the Bestiary:
Next, click on the location with the left mouse button while holding down the SHIFT key.
After that, the Bestiary will automatically open, in which the selected location will be added, and a list of monsters living in the location will be displayed below the Bestiary:
Locations can also be added through World Info on the map, by clicking + SHIFT on the corresponding location in the Region Info tab:
Several locations can be added to the Bestiary at the same time.
To clear the list of locations, click the cross in the section with locations, you can also delete locations from the section by 1 location by double-clicking the left mouse button.
After selecting the parameters and searching for them, a list of monsters that satisfy the specified parameters appears at the bottom of the screen.
To view detailed information on the required monster, double-click on the corresponding line in the list with the left mouse button:
To see information about the drop and spoiler, click the bag icon:


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