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Brief description of the server "Elemental War"



  • Buff slots 36/24.
  • Debuff slots 12.
  • Character LvL at start 70. Max LvL -  80, same with sub-classes.
  • Endless buff(noblesse blessing). 
  • No death penalty.
  • You can receive EXP by killing monsters and players
  • Fast EXP, specially for GvE concept 
  • You can make 5 sub-classes.
  • CD of skills not allowed by cast speed and haste
  • Character's "price" is in title.


  • Enchant dont cant brake items, max enchant +20, safe +3. Chances of enchant is by PTS
  • Olympiad only 1 hour
  • Heroes everyday, after Olympiad
  • No fraction or private teleports
  • Currency: Adena, Balance, L-Coin.
  • Coupons (5 types) is for special shop. Issued for out-of-game activities of players (participation in drawings, streaming, etc.). Coupons are non-tradable items.
  • PC-points can be recieved while character is online. 
  • Debuff's time nerfed. You can repeat debuffs before they end
  • You can see debuffs at target's panel, only on mobs
  • Maximum 5 players in party, you can have only 1 healer and tank i party
  • You cant change your fraction
  • Consumables (shots, arrows, HP potions, energy stones etc.) - endless.
  • You cant invite players from other fractions in party/clan/alliance. You can only trade.

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