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Starting Location - Talking Island




Talking Island - a haven for recreation and trade of all players, from any faction. No more debriefing whose city is more convenient or how to run a competitive market. Everything is fair - everyone is on an equal footing, in a peaceful zone.




Combat zone is outside of the city.

The zone contains a boss that spawns every 3 hours after death. Players are notified about an upcoming respawn.

  • Adena in PvP -90%
  • Exp and SP in PvE +300% 

PvE Zone.

This zone is for exping characters, each faction has a separate area. 

  • No PvP.
  • Auto-fight function is available in the zone. 
  • PvE bonus attack and defense +20%. 
  • Exp and SP +250%. 
  • Elemental Damage Bonus +150. 
  • MP consumption for all types of skills -30%. 
  • Elemental Exp Bonus +100%. 
  • Regeneration МР +200 in second. 
  • For levels 70-78.

Peaceful and commercial area.
This zone is the main place to rest between battles. 

  • Bonus movespeed +100.



Immediately after choosing a faction, the player enters the general peaceful zone - Talking Island.

What is he for?

  • General shopping area.
  • General chat for players of all fractions.
  • Zones of accelerated leveling of the character.
  • Warehouse.
  • Blacksmith.
  • Grocer.
  • Buffer.
  • Sub-class administrator.
  • La-Vian-Rose costume fitting room.
  • Dealers in armor, jewelry and weapons.
  • Broker (Auctioneer/Trade Manager).
  • In addition, the speed of movement in the city is increased by a static 100 points!

You can move to the exping zone (Esagir Ruins) both with the help of a mechanical Kukurin at the dwarf apprentice (near the exit from the city), and with the help of Ramun jumps, which cannot be overlooked near the entrance to the church. We advise you to upgrade your character in the ruins to level 77-78 and immerse yourself in the confrontation between the players, but already in certain zones, along the way earning yourself equipment and other improvements.

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