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Event Sheduling System




There is a button in the sidebar that will open a full window for accessing active events:


  • In the window itself, you can observe various lines and buttons, more details:

  • The “Hunting Zone” column indicates the name of each active zone

  • The column “Level(Lv)” indicates the restrictions on the minimum level

  • Using the “Update” button, you can update the current list of zones to the current one.

  • Using the “Enter” button you will be taken to the active zone, you can also do this by double-clicking on the name of the hunting zone.

  • With one mouse click in the upper right corner there will be a brief description of the mechanics of the zone



In this zone, players accumulate faction points by killing opponents and the largest influx is obtained by killing the boss in the center of the zone, however, killing the boss alone will not work and the faction that has collected the most points will be the winner.

Zone: Cemetery / Hellbound



Chests are randomly scattered throughout the zone, opening which players earn points for the faction. The zone winner is the faction that eventually opens the most chests (collects points). For killing opponents, points are also issued, but in a much smaller amount.

When opening the chest, the player receives an additional adena.

Zone: Cat-s Witch / Cruma Tower 3rd Floor



In the center of the location is a flagpole, from which you can take up to 3 flags at the same time. From the flagpole, players must carry the flag to their base, the faction that collects the most points wins. For killing opponents, players get points, but much less than for carrying the flag.

Zone: Gladi Arena



The zones contain 8 obelisks that can be captured using a special skill, for which players receive faction points and temporary increases in characteristics depending on the number of captured obelisks. Killing enemies earns additional faction points. The faction with the most points wins.

Zone: School Of Dark Arts / Outlaw Forest



  • The zone works individually with each player.
  • Location limit: 60 minutes per day.
  • The zone is common for players, for each of the factions.
  • Auto-hunt is available in the zone.
  • In the zone, battles between players are not available.
  • Mobs respawn and drop are quite different from everyone else in the world.
  • The timer in the center of the screen displays the amount of time left.

Sieges and Epic battles are painted in separate topics.

Zone: Enchanted Valley(for now).

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