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An additional character class is an integral part of the gameplay, many players like the idea of running various character models that are not conceptually suitable for his class. The most striking example of this: a dwarf - spelhowler.

You can combine "useful" with "pleasant" with an improved system of subclasses.



Let's analyze the bonuses and rules of the system:

  • You can only add a subclass when the main class is level 80.
  • To take an additional subclass, all previous subclasses must be level 80.
  • The bonuses that are received by the subclass system are used by the character on any of the classes.
  • For each additional subclass, the player receives 1 stat point.
  • The maximum number of subclasses is 5.
  • When activating the 5th subclass, the passive skill “Enhanced Paint Potential” will automatically be issued (the skill gives access to the 4th slot for applying paints). The skill works on every subclass.

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