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Valhalla Age. Elemental War [GvE-based]



Welcome to the preview of the biggest GvE project update from the Valhalla Age development team! Get comfortable, it's going to be an exciting journey!


As we promised at the last opening of GVE #4.
All real funds that were spent on GVE #4 will be returned to the balance of the master account.

Funds will be returned - 06/03/2022 until 12.00 Moscow time


A guide to the most important differences in Valhalla: Elemental War from GvE #4.

  • Changes in the number of available factions 
  • Elemental System
  • Start Location (Talking Island) 
  • New server engine Improved geo engine
  • Client side update
  • Event scheduling system
  • Seasons
  • VIP system
  • Interserver Jobs
  • Random creation
  • Collections
  • Clan system
  • Daily Rewards
  • Magic lamp
  • New! Auto Hunting in the game? What for?
  • Elemental Disaster: Factional Dragons. Down with boring epics!
  • Sub classes
  • Olympics
  • Beauty Salon
  • PA points
  • Store L
  • Back to Basics: Class Balance Changes to the Classic Version
  • Character Development
  • Patterns and hidden power



Elemental War - this is a mod based on the GVE server, with global changes, the addition of additional factions and improved gameplay. All in the old style:

  • Participate in PVP events and earn experience and adena
  • Buy things, develop your character.

We have completely switched to the new game engine and now use the modern version of the client. We made a decision that we need to keep up with the times and provide comfort to people, and not endless critical client errors or delays in crowded places.

All errors on past servers are no longer relevant.


Preparing for Close Beta and Open beta

It's time to start trying all aspects of the game, and even better, be one of the first!

The Close Beta is scheduled to start on May 14, 2022 at 20:00 (GMT+3) to May 19, 2022 at 20:00 (GMT+3)

Applications are accepted until 13.05.2022 20.00 Moscow time

We invite everyone to leave an application for the place of Close Beta participants.
Application form: 


1. What is your overall experience with Lineage 2?
2. What is your experience of playing on GVE servers?
3. What is your experience of playing on our project?
4. How much time are you willing to spend on Close Beta?



Applications will be considered until May 14, 2022 at 12.00. All selected participants for the Close Beta will be given access and instructions for connecting by private message on the forum.


The start of the Open Beta is planned on 3 June 20, 2022 at 20.00 (GMT+3) until May 26, 2022 at 20.00 (GMT+3)


During the testing period, each player can check any game moment he is interested in: all shops, all items and skills will be available (or will be added in the process).
Upon completion of the tests (one day before the start), all characters and items will be deleted.


Server start 06/03/2022 at 20.00 (GMT +3)


For found errors, we will generously reward any active player. You can leave information about them:

  • In chapter Bug reports
  • Contact the user support service in the Personal Account
  • In private messages to moderators on the forum @Frigg @Frances


We will definitely summarize your report and prepare rewards for you at the start of the project, depending on the severity of the flaw that was found.


Bug report format:


A clear description of the problem with provided screenshots from the game. make a video if possible.


Gradation of flaws (Set by the administration):

  • Simple (Description of skills/dialogs for NPCs)
  • Medium (Flaws in the mechanics of skills and items, as well as holes in the geodata)
  • Critical (Mistakes that cause the game client to crash, dups, and other errors that drastically destroy the gameplay).





Last time, we frankly fell short of your expectations and there will be no excuses or protracted apologies. We took into account your feedback (even the most negative ones), drew conclusions and decided to make something really unique and interesting.


We present to your attention: 4 factions!


Now the game will be available to choose from 4 different factions:

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth

Such a system will help to avoid the “single-sidedness and swamp”, in which GvE projects are constantly buried after a couple of days after opening. Now it will not be possible to dominate forever, because now there are more opponents, as well as vulnerabilities.


About the pros and cons of each of the factions. - More details



Elements allow you to add elemental properties to an attack or defense. This will make the character more effective in battle.
Depending on the chosen faction, after receiving the 2nd profession, the element of the Fire / Water / Wind / Earth faction will be activated.
Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses in relation to other elements - More details (coming soon).

Start Location (Talking Island).
The territory of the talking island is a common starting location for all factions, it is also a common market.

The entire territory of the island is divided into special zones: Peaceful, Combat and PVE zones. - More details (coming soon).




Due to the fact that the previous server engine had many technical problems, it was decided to use a more modern and improved one.
Large-scale work has been done on the geoengine and on the stability of the server, now a large crowd of people will not affect performance as before.




The client of the early 2022 version of the Classic - Castle of Ice was taken as the basis. This gave us an improved interface, thanks to which the effects of skills, locations are optimized, and the potential for the future development of the project has also increased.




Now all key events will have a clear task of the faction, which can be reached through the "Special Zones" teleport.
There will also be a division into important and less important events, all the most spectacular and interesting will be during the period of maximum activity on the server from 17.00 (GMT + 3) to 00.00 (GMT + 3).


Learn more about events and their varieties - More (coming soon).




It is high time to divide servers of this type into Seasons with a rating and bonuses for the season.
This system is currently under development. - More details (coming soon).




The well-known VIP system, which in the official implementation is developed only for donations.
We made this system for the realities of the current project and it can be developed also for activity.
The progress of the VIP player will be saved on a permanent basis even after the change of the season.
Find out about VIP system progress bonuses - More details




Now playing on the Elemental War you can get bonuses on the New World and United servers.
List of tasks and the principle of obtaining - More details (coming soon).



Random creation, or as usual on our Mystic craft project, is an additional opportunity to obtain rare items.
Description and method of obtaining points for random creation - More details (coming soon).




A system that allows you to improve and create things for a fee.
In our case, this is an analogue of the GM shop for adena.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




Collection - a system that allows you to collect items in certain sets in order to get various useful effects from them.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




The clan system is one of the fundamental systems in the game. The clan unites players and allows you to influence the achievements of the faction.
When creating a clan, it has level 0, which can be increased to 10. The higher the clan level, the more advantages the clan has.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




Every day, when entering the game, characters of any level will receive the same rewards.
Each new day will bring you a new reward. You can follow the progress in a special window "Login Rewards".
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




The Magic Lamp is a system that allows characters to gain additional experience.
The lamp scale is filled when destroying monsters, PVP.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




Constant PVP can be tiring, we understand that. A lot of players, even on such a server concept, sometimes want to just kick monsters and not strain.
There is only one small amendment: you can use auto-battle only in special PVE zones, which are temporary in nature.
You won't be able to sit forever in peaceful PVE zones and come out a millionaire, but everyone deserves a little siesta.
We put the character in a secluded place, set a couple of values and press one button: everything is ready, you are great and you can safely move away from the computer to go about your business.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




In past updates, there were many logical holes in terms of such a component of the game as “Epics”. We have solved this problem radically.
Baium will no longer climb out of the top floor of Toi, and the Ant Queen will no longer leave her nest. Now your opponents will be real dragons, each under his own element.
And no, it's not that simple. You came to fight for the faction, not to “beat the big lizard”. Now it is beneficial for someone to protect the Dragon, and for someone to destroy it.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




A system that allows the main character to play for another class.
Unlike previous servers, the conditions for taking and bonuses for subclasses have been changed.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




There is hardly a player who would not love competition.
Grand Olympiad is a PvP competition between characters.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




The Beauty Salon service allows you to give a unique look to armor and weapons.
Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Love the unusual appearance of your character? Then a beauty salon is what you need!
Added more than 150 externals.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




Online reward system.
Get points for online in the game and spend them on assortments of goods in a special store.
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




A store that allows you to buy items with your account balance
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




Shop that allows you to buy items with L coins and account balance
Description of the system - More details (coming soon).




The version of the Classic game on the Russian official Legacy servers was taken as a basis, be careful not Essence.
At this stage, the list of character skills and their characteristic time can be viewed at https://l2central.info/classic/
In the future, our own knowledge base will be created with information on changing certain skills and characteristics.




Character development has remained in the classic style of GVE servers: after creating a character, immediately join PVP with enemies from other factions. Kill opponents and get experience and Adena.
Additional features - More details (coming soon).




Each character has a set of basic characteristics that depend on the character's race and class.
You can change the basic characteristics using patterns. To apply patterns, you will need new paints, which can be obtained in different ways.

System description - More details (coming soon)

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