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Game client and Geoengine update




The client part of the Lineage 2 game and its constant updates is already a kind of “feature” of the product. You can’t use the same version, even if some people are already simply used to it, you always need to “keep up with the times” and improve your product. This is the idea behind the Valhalla-Age team, because our users deserve only the best.

Before the start, we decided to transfer the game (so far only GvE) to a completely new geo-engine and client, which will significantly improve the quality of the gameplay for each player. Let's analyze the most delicious in order:

  • New and detailed lobby with character creation.
  • Changed character stances with different types of weapons.
  • Waiting animation for each race and class.
  • Convenient sidebar with quick access to the main events.
  • Grocers / Weapon trader and other shops are available directly in the game interface through the “Special Creation” button.
  • The status of the character with a detailed description of the characteristics when hovering over them.
  • More thoughtful nexttarget function logic, with two different radii (600/1400).
  • Fully working target indicators(4).
  • Fully working 20(!) skill panels.
  • Collection system.
  • Auto-hunting.
  • New clan window

Client optimization significantly increases FPS, due to the fact that the sequence of loading equipment and other character accessories has been slightly changed, which will reduce the load on the processor. Most of the animations in the game have been redesigned in order to reduce the load, and therefore to improve performance.


The geoengine is the Achilles heel of 99% of Lineage 2 projects. We have put a lot of effort into improving its performance. Each player can try a completely new geomovement, which has no analogues on the modern market. Feedback, as well as information about possible errors or shortcomings, we accept around the clock in our technical support in your personal account.

How do you know if there are changes?

The most annoying problems should disappear, namely:

  • Stuck when finding the character's path.
  • Constant "bumps on the corner".
  • Normal operation of the WASD keys.
  • Adequate, workable geodata in all zones of the open world and instances.
  • Pets and servants following a target should no longer break.

These are the most popular defects of most geoengines on almost all servers. We offer not only to take our word for it, but also to check everything personally.

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