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A grandiose ideological change in the entire concept of the GvE platform. Now opposing sides 4.



Instead of the usual Fire and Water, we now have: Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.

Each fraction has its own advantages over the other, thus forming a peculiar cycle. It will no longer be possible to dominate in one direction, even if one of the elements begins to noticeably get ahead, then it will become an excellent target for hunting the rest.



A pleasant feature of each faction will be a bonus to the characteristics of the character:

  • Fire Faction: P./M. Atk. +3%, STR/INT +1. Not available at Olympiad.
  • Wind Fraction: Atk. Spd./Casting Spd. +3%.\ WIT/DEX +1. Not available at Olympiad.
  • Water Fraction: Speed +3, All Skill Reuse -3%, Heal Received +30%, P./М. accuracy +3 P./M. Evasion +3. Not available at Olympiad.
  • Earth Faction: P./M. Def. +3%,CON/MEN +1, Debuff Resistance +3%. Not available at Olympiad.

Faction battles are now more stylized and intuitive. The battle can no longer be called a war of blue against red.

Elemental dragons, the elemental system, elemental astatines, and more will now distinguish factions from each other. Join the battle alone or with friends for the glory of your faction!

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