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Magic Lamp





Magic Lamp — a system that allows characters to gain additional experience.


  • The filling level of the scale, as well as the "Start the game" button, are located on the sidebar.
  • The lamp scale up when you are killing monsters, as well as during PvP.
  • You do not lose lamp points when a character dies.
  • Magic lamps can be obtained from any of the subclasses.
  • You can use the functionality of magic lamps on subclasses.




When the scale is full, the character will receive a Magic Lamp and will be able to click on the “Start Game” button to try their luck and receive one of the rewards. In the Magic Lamp window, you can set the number of games - up to 300. Base maximum available number of magic lamps — 300.


In the game of chance, one of four possible reward options can drop out:

  • Red Light: Exp +100.000.000, SP +2.700.000.
  • Violet Light: Exp +30.000.000, SP +810.000.
  • Blue Light: Exp +10.000.000, SP +270.000.
  • Green Light: Exp +5.000.000, SP +135.000

Level 76 characters who have passed the 3rd profession transfer can choose the improved game option when playing for chance.
Adena is required to activate the option.


When activating the improved game, the character will receive a High Quality Light:

  • High Grade Red Light: Experience Points +, SP +32.400.000.
  • High Grade Violet Lantern: Experience Points +360.000.000, SP +9.720.000.
  • High Grade Blue Light: Experience Points +120.000.000, SP +3.240.000.
  • High Grade Green Lantern: Experience Points +60.000.000, SP +1.620.000.

After the game, it will display which rewards and how much, as well as the total amount of experience and SP received.

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