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Elemental System




The unique mechanics of the elements completely transforms the gameplay.

At the very beginning of the gameplay, after choosing a second profession and equipment for the character, players will be asked to choose one of four factions that relate to their elements

Each of the elements has its own advantages over one of the others, in the form of additional damage.

Thus, fire will deal more damage to ground, earth to wind, wind to water, and water to fire.

If you don’t get into this chain, but watch the battle of water against the earth, then no one will cause additional damage to each other.




The choice of the element occurs simultaneously with the choice of the faction, almost immediately after the creation of the character.

Learn about factions - Read

Attention: from the second day of the server, it is impossible to choose an element that takes 1st and 2nd place in the ratings.

IMPORTANT! It is impossible to change the faction and element.


It is forbidden. The element is completely tied to the faction, and factions cannot be changed.


  • Elemental exp is gained from killing monsters.

  • Elemental exp is gained during PvP.

Elemental Evolution

elemental_evol_stone_fire_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_water_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_wind_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_earth_i00.png - Evolution Stones can be obtained in PVE zones - Read

After filling the level 10 elemental experience bar by 100%, you can use evolution.

Total available 5 stars.

  • Level 2 evolution - elemental_evol_stone_fire_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_water_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_wind_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_earth_i00.png 1 Elemental stone depending on the faction and Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg - 1000 adena
  • Level 3 evolution - elemental_evol_stone_fire_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_water_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_wind_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_earth_i00.png 3 Elemental stone depending on the faction and Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg - 3000 adena
  • Level 4 evolution - elemental_evol_stone_fire_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_water_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_wind_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_earth_i00.png 5 Elemental stone depending on the faction and Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg - 5000 adena
  • Level 5 evolution - elemental_evol_stone_fire_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_water_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_wind_i00.pngelemental_evol_stone_earth_i00.png 10 Elemental stone depending on the faction and Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg - 10000 adena

Reset points Etc_adena_i00_0.jpg - 1500 adena




  • In the character window (Alt + T), information about the elements and additional related actions are available.


Window with the selected element.

  • Once a faction has been selected, its element will be displayed in the sidebar.

    • Hovering over the symbol displays the level and experience of the selected Elemental Spirit.

    • Clicking on the symbol in the sidebar will open an additional window that will display:

      • Chosen Elemental Spirit;

      • level and amount of experience in percent;

      • Perfume selection buttons;

      • "Elemental Spirits" button to go to the spirit control interface.

  • Elemental indicators depend on the strength of your Elemental Spirits.

  • Some elements prevail over others: Water is stronger than Fire, Fire is stronger than Earth, Earth is stronger than Wind, and Wind is stronger than Water.

  • Depending on the selected strength of the elements, the damage dealt changes as follows:

Element Ratio

Damage Bonus

(base damage 100%)

Dominant element 130% Water vs Fire
the same element 110% Water vs Water
Not dominant, not weak 110% Water vs. Wind and Earth
Weak element 110% Fire vs Water
Attack without elemental power 100% No element
  • The Elemental Spirits button opens the Elemental Spirits control panel.
  • Depending on the manifestation, glasses can be inserted into protection from your predominant element.
Faction Points in Defence
Faction Fire Water Defence
Faction Earth Fire Defence
Faction Wind Earth Defence
Faction Water Wind Defence

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