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Exposing the Admins of the Valhalla-Age will the Project close?



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 Изменить язык: image-6.png




A return to the classics in a popular concept. Logically built concept, based on the wishes of the players, allowed to enjoy pleasant game moments and participate in the active life of the project. The start of the project came at the beginning of March 2022 and stable online was in the range of 4000-5000 live players, excluding traders and windows.


Constant battles, various game events and author events allowed players to enjoy their favorite game for more than 5 months and in mid-August there was a merge with the base server UNT. Basic server by the way, there are more than 3 years and new players have joined the active battles to this day.



At the beginning of July, there was a big enough event on the market - the launch of the Essence joint project, which had an unprecedented online presence of over 7,000 image.png players in 1 window, which kept at this level for more than 2 months.  Pleased to participate more than 17 clans and more than 150 well-known streamers of this and other directions. By the way, the server is still actively living, and the players do such creatives:

In this area, the partners are preparing interesting updates that you can enjoy next year.



We continue to work on the development of our application, as well as expanding the line of partner games. Recently we added 2 new games RVR project EW new original genreimage.png

At the moment we are preparing a package of documents for copyright of the application, which in turn opens up new opportunities.  You can also send wishes, or if you have acquaintances who want to collaborate, we are ready to discuss and add them to us. Games can be any: Minecraft, CS, Wow, Chinese MMO RPG, etc.

Wrapping up the year's events Elemental War [GvE]. New mod, work on bugs, event server, fight, capture, dominate, infinite character improvement. More information about the opening will be published later. Information about the project is added to our Wiki


Cadmus - The rebirth of the timeless Gracia Final classic in January 2023.



Chapter 1: Development



Level Rate of Exp
1-85 х2*

*Bonus Vitality will give a 100% bonus to experience. There will also be increased recovery of Vitality points by 5 times in offline mode and in the city.


Gracia Final quite hardcore chronicles, but we can even play 3-4 hours a day is comfortable enough to develop. How:

  • A change in the vitality system. Vitality points when absent from the game are restored so that if you come back in the evening after work you will have a level 4 = 100% increase in the experience you receive.
  • Additional experience in dungeons.  Get extra experience and rewards for completing dungeons in missions
  • Starting quests. Go through the starting quest chain and become level 20 with items per character. Marcela will give warriors physical and magic classes magic sets, and orc shamans get 2 at once.
  • Changing the spots for solo players. Some spots with level 68+ monsters will be more densely populated or the rate at which monsters appear will be increased.
  • Mission System.  A variety of in-game tasks, will allow you to get extra experience from the usual actions in the game (killing monsters, hunting raid bosses, level up, participate in the Olympiad, etc.)
  • Reward for being in the game. Come into the game and get 1 time every day useful items to increase experience races.
  • Bonus box.  Each character will have a bonus box in their inventory at creation, which will provide you with useful items and consumables for killing monsters, gaining experience and battles between players at certain levels.
  • Zaken Dungeon.  A new game challenge with useful drops and experience for passing. 
  • Skills of Clans, Castles and Fortresses. Join clans, as well as participate in the capture of fortresses and castles.  Get passive skills for increasing experience, drop adena and items.
  • Newbie Buffer.  Will apply positive effects up to level 75.
  • Easy hunting.  Meele classes and buffers will get skills that increase passive PVE damage.


Tittle Rate
Adena х1,5
Drop х1
Spoil х1
Seal Stone х1,5
Quests х1
Raid Boss х1*

*Experience and drop rate will change as the server develope, more detailed information will be later.

The changes will be described briefly, and will be explained in more detail in the appropriate topics.

  • Development of the game world will be divided into 3 periods: Gracia Final start → Gracia Epilogue (transitional chapter between HF and GF). Will change some of the locations, with an emphasis on meele classes and for farming solo players, to make it easier to adapt and make a smoother transition to the next chronicles → High Five.
  • New players will be easier to adapt, and those who have already played, it will be easier and faster to develop and improve your character for the battles on the continent
  • All mechanics correspond to the chronicles set on the periods of development, except GE, there are only locations
  • Stores match the chronicles set on periods of development
  • Beginner's Buff up to level 75
  • All Mammons will not switch weapons of their respective grade
  • Staggered games will not be played, there will be dynamic raits (for laggards) and event weeks with higher raits
  • Teleports up to level 40 are free
  • Changes in the professions.  Rewards in some of the professions changed and adapted in value. 2 professions can be purchased, to pass (chance to drop items significantly increased), or buy on a simplified quest for 3 kk adena
  • No club card, worldwide chat added to the premium account. Other features: teleports, buffs - are absent
  • Changes in subclasses. Special skills no longer need to develop the right sub class, any profession gets the right book to choose. Sub Skills work for all subclasses
  • Starting quest chain now gives sets according to character classes. Orc shamans get 2 sets of nipples and sets
  • Solo kamaloka replaced by incredible sleep
  • Dungeon schedule changed ( no need for daily quests) and rewards improved
  • Changed 7 seals. if you are the losing side you will have access to catacombs and necropolises, but the cost of mamons will be increased. Debuffs in cities removed, but present in Lilith and Anakim zones
  • Added new dungeons: Baylor and Zaken
  • The number of monsters in locations, including quest monsters up to level 40 have been increased
  • The location of the Primal Island, has been balanced
  • To open the island of hell need to pass the required amount of dungeon Baylor
  • Locations 68+ for solo players and meele/archer classes have been improved
  • Rep raid bosses are classic, but the number of bosses to raise the soul crystal level has been increased
  • Sub class rb and nooblesse rb respawns have been reduced, drop has been adapted to reduce emergence time
  • Less people required to pass Tiat, SOD - attribute crystal mining improved
  • Hell Island leveling up will be in-game, but leveling up has been greatly simplified
  • S-grade equipment quests have been lightened, requiring fewer quest items
  • Changed clan system and clan leveling up ( no SP points required), added new clan skills and squad items are transferred
    academy rewards improved
  • Changed set enchanting bonuses and added set glow
  • Changed special skills in weapons (SA) to increase their usefulness and variability
  • Quest item retrieval and the quest itself for the Dynasty Set has been lightened.  Mid and solo players get to mine, longer, but you can.
  • In the attribute system added the ability to put in A gr weapon/armor attribute items. Quest for 2 attribute stones removed.
  • Olympiad every week. Available from level 76 without noblesse status. New missions with useful rewards have been added. Olympad store has been adapted. Olympad epic costume jewelry has been added.
  • Added in-game quest/missions system with useful rewards
  • Added in-game finder's reward - login reward
  • Added Combat Pass
  • Added random reward with useful items once every 4 hours on the server to an individual character (announcement to the whole world)
  • Added magic mouse Remstered. Runs on locations feed and get a useful effect
  • In donat shop missing consumables (soulshots, cp potions, ghp)
  • Available auto macros
  • Added a special store for R-Silver. Pass the mission to get coins, buy runes and other useful items
  • Added a helping hand item to your inventory. Helpdesk will help you solve a problem 1 time, which was previously unavailable.  Example: A pet died of starvation - you will get it restored.
  • Changing castles, fortresses and Territorial battles.  Available to capture a maximum of 5 flags, siege weapons can attack players. Put Pigs on strategic high ground and win the battle. Castle/fortress skills have been improved or new ones have been added. Solo and mid players will get more development bonuses from this.
  • Dungeons of castles and fortresses now have no common rollback. Each group can go in.  New dungeon levels have been added.
  • Changes in class balance. The ability to use the Soul Breaker Steal Divinite skill has been changed, making it harder to use on windows. ArbalesterPrahnah skill drops when exiting a group, Shield of Faith skill of tanks drops when exiting a group.
  • Added passive skills to increase damage in PVE hunting - Warriors, support classes.
  • Bd/Sws added attacking and PVE skills
    We want to put the bard class to a vote. There could be three options:
    1. Leaving on the classics. Minuses few fans of the class, the constant search and difficulties - 9 people in a party of 2 bards
    2 .Combined bard (svs + bd) - 8 people in a party
    3. Combined Bard (bd+svs) - 9 people in a party

    These are the main points of the changes.  Additional nice changes. Example: there will be a blacksmith in Luxor and gems will be sold for inserting SA so that you don't have to run all over town.  Will be described in the relevant sections

    Don't forget about the referral program, be the first to invite your friends to get the maximum rewards. The description of the work can be found in the topic Remastered. Awards are selected for the ongoing project

Together we are Cadmus - the server that united generations!





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